Afa Chemi Pharmaceutical Company is a subsidiary of the largest pharmaceutical private holding in Iran  – Nophico Holding – with about 60 years of experience.  Afa Chemi started its business activity to produce and supply health-oriented products in 1978 with the production of cosmetic products and operated in that industry until 2001.

After that and according to the community’s needs for high quality pharmaceutical products, the company underwent a comprehensive development including the employ of specialized and experienced human capitals, modern machinery of the German company –Bosch– as well as increasing the area and production infrastructure. Finally, by establishing a pharmaceutical factory following the latest standards for drug production in the world, the company has released oral antibiotics in the category of Cephalosporins and Penicillins since 2007.

Production of injectable vials in Afa Chemi Pharmaceutical Company in 2013 were put into operation with the design approved by international institutions and validation of processes according to international standards –WHO and P.I.C/S- in two groups -Cephalosporin and Carbapenem- in sterile vials of antibiotics category.

Also, after 4 years with the establishment of production lines for non-antibiotic sterile vials in 2017, Afa Chemi has been more than ever ready to meet the needs of the medical community and is always at the service of treating dear patients.

Furthermore, the company has also recently obtained new licenses to produce non-antibiotic oral products by studying the market and developing its product lines.

The vision of this modern and advanced company is to produce quality medicines that can compete in global markets. In this regard, GMP certification has been obtained from the Ministry of Health of countries such as Ukraine, some Central Asian countries (CIS), some the Africans and the Middle Easts and neighboring countries, while some of the Afa Chemi’s products have been registered in these countries.

  • Release date : January 4, 2021
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