Social Responsibility


At Afa chemi Pharmaceutical Company, as a health-oriented group, we have always paid attention to social responsibilities in the development of our business.

Promoting health, safety and the environment(HSE) has always been and will continue to be our emphasis. This is rooted in the importance of maintaining the health of human resources in general and the protection of resources involved in the pharmaceutical business in particular, as well as the importance of environmental protection.

One of the aspects of environmental protection is sewage purification and waste control. The characteristics of wastewater output are acceptable and have a high efficiency in terms of reducing BOD and COD to cause the least damage to the environment.

In Afachemi pharmacy, in addition to the internal aspects of social responsibility, we have gone beyond and in late March 2020, following the coronavirus pandemic (Covid 19), produced an alcohol-based hand sanitizer with complete compositions and unparalleled quality and effectiveness. We made it available to the public so that we can take a small step in the green path of the health of our dear people.


  • Release date : November 2, 2020
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