Afa chemi Pharmaceutical Company, using specialized, committed and efficient

workforce and using the latest technical knowledge in the world for design and production of beta-lactam antibiotic (oral and injectable) and general injection vials with the desired quality in Iran In order to implement and commit to an integrated management system and try to improve the quality of products, develop activities and services to maintain the dignity and protection of customers , stakeholders and workforce, as well as using an appropriate model to preserve environmental resources and community values has it.

In this regard, the company with the establishment and maintenance of quality management systems that include: ISO 9001: 2015, ISO 14001: 2015, ISO 45001: 2018, ISO 10015: 1999 and ISO 10013: 2001, and a commitment to comply with applicable legal requirements such as GMP and environmental regulations, occupational safety and health regulations, as well as an understanding of their development responsibilities. Sustainable and achieving its goals and aspirations by observing international standards, fulfills the vision and mission of the organization.


The overall goals of the organization include:

  1. Improving the quality of manufactured products based on GMP principles in order to satisfy customers and suppliers
  2. Creating a suitable environment for the development and improvement of human resource competence through training and creating incentive systems for employee participation through the activities of the Recommendations Committee
  3. Continuous and public efforts to achieve continuous improvement of the quality of products, activities and services of the organization in order to increase the level of satisfaction of all stakeholders, including customers, employees, shareholders and the community of the company’s performance and products.
  4. Addressing both opportunities and risks to increase the effectiveness of the quality management system, achieve improved results and prevent negative effects
  5. Commitment and constant communication with customers to meet the needs, wants and provide value for customers
  6. Increasing market share at home and trying to enter global markets
  7. Empowerment and development of human resources through the planning and coherent implementation of training courses
  8. Maintaining and improving the productivity of the company’s human resources through training in order to make the best use of available facilities with appropriate incentive policies for all levels of the company’s personnel and providing appropriate working environment conditions.
  9. Compliance with laws, regulations, guidelines, and international standards and other requirements governing the organization’s products, activities and services
  10. Commitment to continuous improvement in performance indicators of quality, environment and resources and safety, health, hygiene of processes in the workplace in compliance with occupational safety and health laws, systems, products and services of the company.
  11. Prevention of environmental pollution by observing national and international standards in order to create a healthy environment for living and providing a suitable environment for future generations
  12. Accident prevention, occupational diseases, injuries and continuous improvement of management and performance of occupational safety and health.
  13. Commitment to providing safe and healthy conditions to prevent work-related injuries and eliminate hazards and reduce risks
  14. Commitment to guiding and supporting employees to advise and contribute to the effectiveness of safety and environmental systems
  • Release date : November 2, 2020
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